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Keyword Research For Each Article Includes

  • Keyword Difficulty Score

    Keyword Difficulty report will show you how hard it is to rank on a specific keyword. I will research for high-business-value keywords with low ranking difficulty.

  • Search Intent Study

    Each of the keyword research will be based on the search intent of that keyword. I will provide you keywords only if your site can match the search intent.

  • Topics To Cover In each Article

    You will get a complete list of topics and questions to cover in your article.

  • Word Count recommendation

    I will also recommend you the average word length of your article. I will study all the top-ranking pages to determine the average word length.

  • Search Volume

    The search volume of keywords will help you understand the average monthly visitors you will get.

  • Complete Article Structure

    From Keyword selection to topics, you'll get everything to start writing. All you need to do is write by following specific guidelines.

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Base Plan

Recommended For Beginners

$10 / One Article
  • Complete Keyword Research For One Article


Common Plan

Recommended For Medium-Sized Business

$97 / Ten Articles
  • Complete Keyword Research For 10 Articles


Super Plan (Best Price)

Recommended For larger sites

$177 / Twenty Articles
  • Complete Keyword Research For 20 Articles

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