A Few Words

About Me

Exceptional Service

How did I start?

I am an engineer by education and a writer from passion. Just like many other bloggers, I started my journey accidentally. I started my first blog in 2017 and within a short span of time, I managed to get some happy clients. From starting as a blogger to becoming a content writer, I learned a lot and applied that knowledge in my work. 

I still remember the first income from content writing back in 2018, which I used to buy gifts for my mother. Since then I never looked back.


Exceptional Service

What have i done?

I believe in doing more than Knowing

From 2017 I have written more than 500 articles for my clients and for myself. In between I also started an educational blog. 

In my blogging days I learned so many things about SEO, Content marketing and many more. After applying all the things that I learned from experts, I am able to confidently serve my clients.

From blogging to Becoming a Content Marketing Practitioner, I have helped some of the clients in their content strategy.


Some of my qualifications