I have started Accrue SERP- an SEO company

Today, I’m excited to launch Accrue SERP— my new SEO company.

I have been working as a freelance SEO consultant for 5+ years.

In this timeframe, I’ve worked with 60-70+ SEO clients and built a small focused team.

But now I’ve decided to take the next step for my SEO services which include:

Build an outcome-based SEO company
Build a talented team of SEOs and content marketers
Onboarding more clients & generating better results

Previously I was only available to work with 4-7 clients at the time.

Put simply, Accrue SERP is an SEO service company focused on outcome-based SEO that delivers business growth (leads, conversions, signups, etc.), NOT JUST rankings.

I am super proud to have Himanshu Sharma as a co-founder who will handle all the technical SEO and manage our content team.

We need your best wishes on this journey.

P.S. If you’re a business or startup founder who wants to understand how SEO can help increase their revenue, DM me.

I will assist you with a free consultation.