11 Best SEO Tools for Real Estate Businesses

As properties are searched, browsed, and purchased online, you must step up your digital game to stay ahead. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through mastering Search Engine Optimization.

But SEO can be confusing with its endless complexities. Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry.

We’ve curated a list of top-notch SEO tools that are effective and user-friendly. These tools will simplify, automate, and optimize your SEO process, helping you focus on what you do best: selling properties.


Tool NamePricingUsed for in Real Estate
AhrefsFreemium (paid plan starts at $99/month)Comprehensive backlink, website audit, and find real estate SEO keywords
SemrushPaid (starts at $129.95/month)All-in-one SEO, competitor SEO analysis, local SEO
SE RankingPaid (starts at $44/month)Keyword tracking, competitor research, website audit, social media monitoring
Screaming FrogFreemium (paid plan starts at $259/year)Website crawling and technical SEO audits
SitebulbPaid (starts at $13.50/month)Website auditing and crawl analysis
Keyword InsightsPaid (starts at $58/month)Keyword research and analysis, cluster analysis
FeaturedFreemium (paid plan starts at $99/month)Content marketing and question-based keyword targeting
HAROPaid (starts at $975/3 qualifying links)Earning backlinks and press coverage
Rankmath pluginPaid (starts at $69/year)On-page SEO optimization for WordPress sites
SEO Pro Chrome extensionFreeQuick SEO audits and competitor analysis
HunterFreemium (paid plan starts at $45/month)Finding and verifying email addresses for outreach

1. Ahrefs


Pricing: Freemium (paid plan starts at $99/month)

Used for: Comprehensive backlink, website audit, and keyword analysis 

82% of SEO professionals trust and use Ahref for their link-building process! 

When it comes to SEO tools, Ahrefs often ranks high on every marketer’s list, and for good reason. It gives you everything you need to outperform your competitors. Whether you’re a solo agent or an agency, Ahrefs’ robust backlink analysis feature is gold.

Want to know why a competitor is outranking you?

Just enter their URL into Ahrefs for a detailed look at their backlink portfolio.

But that’s not all.

Ahrefs offers comprehensive keyword research features that allow you to find search terms people use when looking for real estate services or property.

It also provides content ideas, rank tracking, and a detailed site audit feature.

2. Semrush


Pricing: Paid (starts at $129.95/month)

Used for: All-in-one SEO, competitor SEO analysis

Semrush offers a comprehensive suite of tools for improving your online visibility. It’s ideal for real estate agents or companies who want to nail local SEO and manage multiple marketing channels in one place. 

Keyword research lets you find valuable keywords for your real estate listings and blogs. 

Plus, its local SEO tools are excellent for tracking your rankings in local search and Google Maps — crucial for any real estate business. 

The platform provides competitor analysis tools that show where you’re losing out and help you plot a course to outdo them. From tracking your PPC campaigns to monitoring social media engagement, Semrush delivers a 360-degree marketing view.

3. SE Ranking


Pricing: Paid (starts at $44/month)

Used for: Keyword tracking, competitor research, and website audit

For small real estate businesses that don’t want to burn a hole in their pockets but still want a powerful SEO tool, SERanking is a great choice. 

Its intuitive dashboard makes it easy for people who are not technically savvy to understand key SEO metrics. The platform offers comprehensive features like keyword ranking tracking, competitor research, and detailed website audits. 

One of the standout features is its competitor research, helping you see where you stand against other real estate businesses in your area. 

SE Ranking can guide you in strategically improving your site’s SEO and content. 

It also offers a social media monitoring and management feature, ideal for real estate agents who use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to engage with potential clients. 

4. Screaming Frog


Pricing: Freemium (paid plan starts at $259/year)

Used for: Website crawling and technical SEO audits

What if you had a tool that could crawl through your entire website and return with a list of every SEO issue it found? That’s what Screaming Frog does.

Online listings and website architecture are critical for customer acquisition in the real estate business. Screaming Frog performs an in-depth analysis of your site, identifying issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and missing meta tags. 

You can also integrate it with Google Analytics and other SEO tools for a comprehensive audit. 

Its visualization features can help you understand your site architecture, helping you make changes that could dramatically improve your site’s SEO. 

5. Sitebulb


Pricing: Paid (starts at $13.50/month)

Used for: Website auditing and crawl analysis

Sitebulb is an SEO tool designed to make your life easier when it comes to website audits. Its user-friendly interface is a big win for those who find SEO intimidating. 

Sitebulb does more than just flag issues; it provides actionable insights and recommendations on how to fix them. Its prioritized ‘Hint’ system guides you through the process of resolving issues and deciding which SEO actions should take priority.

Its visual reports are easy to interpret, allowing you to understand precisely what’s going on with your website at a glance. 

7. Keyword Insights


Pricing: Paid (starts at $58/month)

Used for: Keyword research and analysis, cluster analysis

Keyword Insights is developed for companies serious about their keyword strategy, making it particularly beneficial for real estate agents and investors aiming to improve organic search performance. 

The platform does more than just give you a list of keywords; it provides metrics that matter. 

It offers a search volume analysis, competitor keyword profiles, and seasonal trends, which can be invaluable if you’re trying to target home buyers or renters during peak seasons.

One of its standout features is the ability to cluster keywords, helping you understand the landscape of related terms you should target. You can become the go-to source for potential clients by optimizing your content around these clusters.

8. Featured

featured aka terkel

Pricing: Freemium (paid plan starts at $99/month)

Used for: Content marketing and question-based keyword targeting

Featured is a unique platform that combines content marketing with SEO, making it perfect for real estate agents who want to build authority and online presence. 

Formerly known as Terkel, Featured specializes in generating high-quality content by connecting your business with subject matter experts. The content is designed around question-based queries that people are actually searching for. 

For real estate businesses, this could range from ‘How to choose a home?’ to ‘What are the best investment strategies for real estate?’

It helps attract organic traffic and establish your brand as an authority in the real estate sector. 

The platform has tracking and analytics features, allowing you to see how well your content performs in search rankings and social shares, giving you a holistic view of your content’s effectiveness.

9. HARO (Help A Reporter Out)


Pricing: Paid (starts at $975/ 3 qualifying links)

Used for: Earning backlinks and press coverage

HARO is a unique tool for your real estate business to gain both backlinks and publicity. 

The concept is simple: Journalists need expert opinions for their stories, and you have the expertise to provide. By connecting you to these journalists, HARO offers the possibility to earn high-quality backlinks and media mentions, which can significantly boost your website’s SEO. 

For real estate agents, this is an opportunity to get cited in articles that potential clients might read, thereby increasing both your industry authority and consumer trust. 

The paid plans offer additional features like keyword tracking and advanced queries. The time investment can be minimal, yet the potential SEO and PR gains are substantial.

10. Rankmath plugin


Pricing: Paid (starts at $69/year)

Used for: On-page SEO optimization for WordPress sites

WordPress is a common platform for real estate blogs and websites, and Rankmath is a plugin designed to make SEO on WordPress as seamless as possible. 

What sets Rankmath apart is its user-friendly interface coupled with powerful features. 

It offers real-time SEO analysis and actionable recommendations to optimize your posts and pages. You can optimize your posts for multiple keywords, something that’s particularly useful for real estate businesses targeting different customer segments (e.g., buyers, renters, investors). 

Its Schema Markup feature helps present your listings in search results with an interactive and attractive display that can increase click-through rates. 

11. SEO Pro Chrome extension

seo pro chrome extension

Pricing: Free

Used for: Quick SEO audits and competitor analysis

If you want to make quick yet insightful SEO decisions without leaving your web browser, the SEO Pro Chrome extension is ideal. 

It provides instant SEO audits of any web page you’re visiting, making it incredibly easy to assess your website and your competitors as well. It is helpful for real estate agents who want to understand what competing listings or agencies are doing right.

It’s an excellent tool for quick evaluations, idea generation, or keeping tabs on your website’s SEO performance.

You can also check meta tags, headings, and link structures, among other things.

While it might not offer the deep research that other standalone SEO tools provide, the convenience and speed of this extension make it an excellent supplementary tool. 

12. Hunter


Pricing: Freemium (paid plan starts at $45/month)

Used for: Finding and verifying email addresses for outreach

In the real estate industry, relationships are everything. Hunter is designed to help you find and verify email addresses associated with a particular website. 

This feature is useful if you want to focus on outreach for backlinks, collaborations, or sales. 

Imagine finding a blog or news site that targets the exact audience you do; with Hunter, you can easily find the contact information you need to initiate a beneficial relationship. Hunter also offers a verification service that ensures the email addresses you collect are valid.


The SEO tools included in this blog address different aspects of your digital marketing strategy. 

Each has something unique, from comprehensive solutions like Ahrefs and Semrush to specialized tools like HARO and Hunter. Your choice depends on your specific needs, expertise, and, of course, budget. 

Improve your online visibility, attract more qualified leads, and close more deals with these SEO tools!