Content Distribution Strategy: Get More Reach With Less Content

content distribution strategy with framework

If you’re prioritizing content creation over content distribution, then you’re wasting a lot of opportunity in content marketing.

Most of the time, brands consider the following content cycle:

  1. Find content Ideas 🧐
  2. Create & Publish the content πŸ₯³
  3. Share it on social media πŸ“’
  4. Send it to the email subscribers πŸ“©
  5. Then, they begin with content ideation again πŸ˜“

With this approach, you’re wasting the full potential of every piece of content.

The solution?

Here’s the content distribution framework that has helped me immensely to create endless content pieces without creating more:

blog content distribution

Let’s understand the process in 3 steps.

1/ Immediate distribution

There are various places where you can share your article to reach a new and relevant audience.

These platforms are β†’ 

  • Medium posts (Medium let’s you republish your blog post by adding a canonical URL)
Medium canonical url
  • Quora posts (Share the article link with relevant tag. Even better answer to relevant Quora questions and share your post in a meaningful way)
  • LinkedIn article (Publish your content as a LinkedIn article)

This is how Andy Crestodina is nailing this content distribution step:

content distribution on LinkedIn by Andy Crestodina, content marketer

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2/ Reshare Repurpose your article

Repurposing is not a copy-paste method to distribute content from one channel to another. You need to expand the content.

  • Turn the article into a Slideshare presentation. 

It’s not necessary to make your presentation text-heavy. Add charts, visuals, graphs to do storytelling with your content.

  • Create micro-content

Surely, your blog post will have multiple sub-topics covered. Consider each sub-topics into a separate social media post.

  • FB, LinkedIn groups

Whether B2B or B2C, you may find your ideal customer hanging out on LinkedIn or Fb groups. Don’t just share the link to the article. 

Instead, let them know how this content is going to make their life easier.

Smallcase (an investing platform) is a great example of repurposing your content in multiple format.

Here’s how do they do it:

The Smallcase team repurposes their newsletter and publishes it on various social media channels and even on the website as well.

content repurposing strategy of smallcase

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3/Make the extra effort

Social media isn’t the only place where your audience is spending time. For example, if you’re into startups, businesses, there are valuable communities such as Indiehackers, Hacker News, and more.

To find these communities, type β€˜Top [your niche] communities.’

Here’s an example for finding useful communities in the ‘health fitness’ niche:

google search operator to find communities

This will show you all the possible places to distribute your content and generate ROI for your business.

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