13 Content Marketing Newsletters to join in 2021

content marketing newsletters

The last 10-year search growth of content marketing is 1900%.

Data source: ExplodingTopics

Isn’t it amazing?

This significant growth indicates two things →

  1. Businesses investing in content marketing seeing a positive ROI (Otherwise, why would brands spend their budget on content marketing)
  2. The demand for skilled content creators and content marketing services is not going to fade anytime soon.

But the TRUTH is:

“Many brands start creating content without even having a plan for which content platform to choose, what type of content to create, how often to publish, where to promote, and the list goes on…

Instead, they create content randomly and publish a few articles on the blog, some videos on YouTube, and after a few months, they end up saying that content marketing isn’t my cup of tea.”

The solution?

Learning from people who have experience and a track record of driving business results through content marketing.

Introducing the list of hand-picked content marketing newsletters.

You might have already subscribed to too many newsletters in the marketing space.

But there are some newsletters that deliver insanely useful, actionable tips and latest content marketing updates that will help you to drive traffic, get leads, and build an audience.

Without further ado, Let’s jump into the list.

1. Content Folks

Content folks by Fio

Run by → Dr. Fio Dossetto (Content Marketing Manager @ Aula, former senior editor at Hotjar)

How often → Every other Wednesday

Topics coveredContent strategy, content marketing, & writing.

Introduction →Chances are you may have already read her articles on Hotjar, Ahrefs, & Aula. If not, then Content Folks is the place to get her valuable insights twice a month.

Every issue of content folks covers topics like content strategy, writing tips, content promotion strategy, etc. 

Expect short lessons and stories that help writers, editors, and content marketers to make a positive difference in driving results for businesses.

Subscribe to Content Folks

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2. Content strategy for SaaS businesses

Content strategy for SaaS businesses by Steven Macdonald

Run by → Steven Macdonald (Co-founder of Kingspoint.no, contributed on sites like HubSpot, Moz, Search Engine Journal)

How often → Every Wednesday

Topics covered → SEO case study, content strategy, link-building, etc.

Introduction → If actionable content with no fluff in your choice, this is the newsletter you should definitely join.

Every email is short and shares actionable content marketing insights, breakdown of an SEO success story, writing tips, and more.

Since he has achieved remarkable success in SEO for multiple companies, it’s worth subscribing to the newsletter and learning from his experience.

Steven Macdonald

I’m not selling any service; there’s no funnel, no course, no E-book… heck, there’s not even a website to send you to. It’s just a short weekly email where I share things I’ve learned/ am learning along the way.

– Steven Macdonald

Join Steven’s content strategy newsletter

3. SHFT Marketing

SHFT Marketing newsletter

Run by → Jason Vana (Founder of Shft Marketing)

How often →Every Monday

Topics covered → Marketing, sales, content strategy.

Introduction First of all, this newsletter is not restricted to content marketers. In fact, anyone in the digital marketing space can find this useful.

Every issue of the Shft Marketing newsletter is categorized into three segments such as 

  • Weekly lesson
  • Practical tactics
  • Free & paid resource

Topics covered in the newsletter are marketing, sales, content strategy, lead generation, etc.

Join the Shft Insider

4. Animalz Newsletter

How often → Once a week

Topics covered → content strategy, content marketing

Introduction → The format of the newsletter is simple and focused on delivering the best advice, strategies regarding content marketing,m writing, content auditing, etc.

Along with weekly insights, you’ll also get informed about upcoming content marketing webinars from Animalz.

Join the Animalz Newsletter

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Run by → Ann Handley (WSJ best-selling author partner at MarketingProfs )

How often → Twice a month

Topics covered → Copywriting, marketing, content strategy, and more.

Introduction → Ann Handley is a well-known marketer of the modern era. The newsletter, Total Annarchy, is the result of her years of experience and journey at marketingProfs.

Every issue from Total Annarchy is a treat to read because of her writing style.

You’ll also get advice on content strategy, writing tips, and many more…

Subscribe to Total Annarchy

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6. The random newsletter

joe pulizzi newsletter the random newsletter

Run by → Joe Pulizzi (Founder of ContentMarketingInstitute and thetilt.com)

How often → Twice a month

Topics covered → Content marketing, marketing in general, case studies, etc.

Introduction → Joe Pulizzi needs no introduction in the content marketing space. This newsletter is the text version of his famous Content Inc podcasts that talks about building a content-first business.

Get content marketing insights, breakdown of successful content programs, and interesting stories from Joe’s years of experience.

Sign Up Joe Pulizzi’s newsletter

7. Thetilt

thetilt.com newsletter for content creators

Run by → Joe Pulizzi

How often → Twice a week

Topics covered → 

Introduction → the tilt (started in 2021) is a new project led by Joe Pulizzi to help content creators to become content entrepreneurs. For anyone who is creating content and clueless about monetizing their content in the long term, this is the newsletter to consider.

Topics covered → Building content assets, content acquisition strategy, exit strategy, case studies, etc.

Join thetilt

8. Copyblogger

copyblogger newsletter

How often → Not fixed but expect at least once a week.

Topics covered → Content marketing, copywriting, and marketing

Introduction → Copeblogger has one of the best blogs in the marketing and copywriting space. But their newsletter is also a great place to learn about marketing skills and programs. Their free email series on content marketing is highly recommended.

Enroll in Copyblogger’s free training

9. The growth newsletter

demand curve newsletter

How often → Twice a month.

Topics covered → Marketing, Growth hacks, Content strategy, etc.

Introduction → The growth newsletter is all about growth tactics for advanced marketers. You receive advanced growth hacks from Y Combinator founders. It gives you an unfair advantage in terms of the value you get from the experts and that too for free. 

Join the DemandCurve newsletter

10. Content Marketing VIP

Content Marketing VIP- a newsletter for content marketers

Run by → Me (Sk Rafiqul Islam)

How often → Once a week

Topics covered → Content marketing, SEO

Introduction → Content Marketing VIP is a newsletter created for content marketers that delivers actionable tips, free resources, and news about the latest happenings every Monday.

Join Content Marketing VIP


SEOFOMO newsletter by aleyda solis

Run by → Aleyda Solis

How often → Once a week

Topics covered → Search-engine-optimization (SEO)

Introduction → #SEOFOMO is one of the most popular newsletters in the SEO industry, where you receive practical SEO tips, resources, tools, jobs every week for free. The best part of this newsletter is you get quality content, 

Subscribe to #SEOFOMO

12. Search News You Can Use

Search News You Can Use by Marie Haynes

Run by → Dr. Marie Haynes

How often → Once a week

Topics covered → SEO, Google algorithm updates

Introduction → The newsletter SEO news you can use is all about improving your website performance in Google by sharing the latest updates and how to fix them.

Plus, you also get a podcast version of the latest SEO news that helps subscribers digest the content seamlessly.

Join SEO news you can use

13. TL;DR Marketing

TL;DR marketing newsletter

How often → Daily

Topics covered → SEO, Social Media, Marketing, paid media, & marketing jobs.

Introduction → TL;DR is one of the amazing newsletters you’ll every subscribe to get daily updates on hottent marketing topics.

Every day you get marketing insights, tips and tricks, latest updates from SEO world and many more. And, that too for free.

Join TL;DR Marketing

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Final words

This was the ultimate list of newsletters that content marketers should consider. But that doesn’t mean you need to subscribe to all of them. Instead, join the most relevant ones that suit your requirement and industry as well.

Also, it is better to create a separate folder in your inbox, so important emails from these newsletters don’t get lost, and you can easily find them for reference.

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